Use the Time Off to Gain an Advantage

Every day counts in recruiting. Make the holidays count for you.

The holidays offer high school prospects a perfect opportunity to regroup and get reorganized in their recruiting efforts. Lazy mornings, afternoons and evenings can be highly productive times which can open loads of doors to college coaches all across America.

Know first that with the exception of basketball, not many coaches are in their offices over the holidays, so don’t expect messages to be returned nearly as quickly as when the school term is up and running. And, know too that some colleges are on break until the middle of January which may further delay any interaction between you and a coach.

Still, there’s a lot you can do and should do. Here’s, then, is your holiday recruiting to-do list:

  • Update all your athletic and academic info, data and qualifications on your profile.
  • Review all the college programs which have contacted you and conduct careful online research about each school. Make sure they carry your intended major. Read the coaches’ profiles. Read about the schools’ operating philosophies. Go over the current teams’ rosters and confirm that you are indeed qualified to be a student-athlete for that program. And, perhaps most importantly, look at the admissions standards for the schools to confirm that you are on track academically be admitted.
  • Write an essay to coaches which accurately describes you and what you bring to a college and to the team.
  • Line up solid character references which are community leaders, school administrators and teachers, and long time family friends.
  • Get the most recent video on you which will allow coaches to see your very best performances and then make copies to distribute.
  • Arrange your winter and spring schedule to visit your top schools and the schools which have shown you a lot of interest. Assume nothing. Go into each visit with an open mind as you look at each one as your potential best fit.
  • Email the coaches at your top choices. You may not get a response for a few weeks, but demonstrating your interest can only put you in a better position. Be blunt and ask these questions: “Coach, are you seriously looking at me as a recruit. If so, what should my next step be? If not, what do I need to do to get on your short list? If you do not see me as having a reasonable shot at being recruited by you, please let me know so that I can explore other options.”

This approach will allow you to get engaged in your own recruiting process and to more accurately calculate the next moves you should take. Recruiting is all about who gets to a coach first and keeps that coach’s attention for the longest period. If you offer what a coach wants, early enough in the process, then you will have a realistic chance to receive an offer. But, if you sit and wait or if you provide the coach with bogus data, you will be passed over.

Jump in the process with zeal. Don’t let other, less deserving prospects take your spot on a college roster. And always remember that this is your only chance to be recruited. Don’t waste it.

Finally, know that NSR is the very best high school scouting and college recruiting service in the world. No one else even comes close. We can put you on the recruiting map today, but it will take you being qualified and serious about being a college prospect. Reach out to us today. See what a difference NSR can make.


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