NSR’s Service Is More In Demand Than Ever

At NSR, we receive requests from college coaches every day.  With budget shortfalls and the steady decrease in alumni giving and corporate gifts, college CEO’s are putting the pinch on athletic departments to cut expenses, if not corners in ancillary spending.  That’s bad news for coaches, but excellent news for NSR kids who are prime targets for coaches who must comply with NCAA APR minimums and aren’t given unbridled financial freedom.   

Coaches are searching for prospects who can quickly turn complex strategies into action.

The financial scenario typically has more of an impact on minor sports and smaller college athletic programs, NSR is experiencing something akin to an awakening among major college coaches.  Over the past three months, NSR has received a boom in DI requests.  What does this indicate? 

First, the NCAA’s Academic Performance Rate (APR) for major DI sports has coaches looking much harder at grades, test scores and character than ever before.  The greatest athlete is not always the greatest student, to state the obvious.  So coaches, especially those whose presidents and athletic directors are closely scrutinizing their recruiting practices as well as the individual athletes they bring on campus, are having to turn over more stones in search of better academic performing student-athletes. 

Because the average NSR athlete has a  3.0+ GPA, our clients are perfect options for them to evaluate without having to shake the bushes as much out on the road.  Second, athletic game strategies have become so sophisticated over recent years that coaches need to find smarter kids to grasp and quickly put into practice those strategies.  If they can find intelligent yet quality kids, coaches would prefer to have them on the team.  It’s a no-brainer.    

Nearly every college program in America at one time or another has submitted a request for our assistance through the College E-mail Request Form.  But, that’s not surprising.  Having worked with college coaches for 30 years, we are well-known and respected by coaches from NCAA Division I through the community college system.   

Budget shortfalls have created an increased need for NSR's service to college coaches.

Why?  Different coaches have different reasons for accessing our database of prospects and our worldwide team of professional high school scouts.  Here are a few of those reasons:
  • Coaches know that NSR only enrolls student-athletes after pre-qualifying them as college prospects.  We see them perform in most cases, or watch video on them, examine their grades, test scores and statistics, and as often as feasible solicit feedback from their high school and travel coaches pertaining to their ability, attitude and desire.
  • Our prospects are not randomly called by people sitting in a phone bank to see if they want to buy their way into the recruiting process with a Web site.  Our scouts do something most other companies fail to do.  We actually scout. 
  • We save coaches money on their recruiting budgets by conducting the initial step in the recruiting process for them.  That is, we do the scouting and pre-qualifying which reduces their travel and telephone expenses.
  • We provide coaches with prospect video footage in any format which they require.  Our fully-staffed, in-house video department edits the footage into three to six minute highlights so that coaches can conduct their initial evaluations from their offices, homes or while traveling.  And, coaches have full, 24/7 access to our prospects’ videos on our Web site. 
  • Coaches are not forced to go through some secret passage with a password or code to get to our prospects.  Our site is easy to navigate.  That said, our clients’ security is extremely important to us.  We do not include prospects’ mailing addresses, email addresses, social security numbers or any other sensitive, personal information on their individual pages.   

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