If you’re planning to attend a college camp this summer there are a few things that are very important for you to know and prepare for. Camps are supposed to be for instruction and learning. You go there to get expert help from college coaches to improve your skills. For most of the campers this is probably true. But for a good college prospect it’s mostly about trying out – at least that’s how a college coach looks at it. It’s their opportunity to test your skills and see just how good you are. Therefore, you need to be in tip-top shape when you go. Train for the camp just like you would train for a championship game. When you get there obey all the rules, curfews, etc. to the letter. Be respectful at all times, avoid troublemakers, and put 100 percent effort into everything from beginning until the end. They are watching you and evaluating you. Even if this college is not going to make you an offer, remember, coaches have other coach friends at other colleges and they often refer impressive campers to other colleges. And last – call your NSR scout or the corporate office and ask them to contact the camp director and give him or her a “heads-up” that you’re coming and also ask that your latest information be sent to these coaches. Make sure they’re looking for you and will give you special attention.


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