2012 Recruiting Up and Running

Don't let your dream pass you by. Tap into NSR's expertise and 31-year success record.

College coaches are getting back into their offices and starting the recruiting process following a much deserved few weeks away from the fray.  Of course, major NCAA DI programs rarely take time away from the grind, but in all, they’re back! 

To high school grads in the 2012 class, the news couldn’t be better.  Their last hurrah begins in earnest as they attempt to grab coaches’ attention, hope to receive invitations for official visits, and polish off their summer seasons with a bang.  It’s all coming to an exciting final 10 months of hectic, high anxiety.  In the end, the lucky few will have achieved their lifelong dream of securing a college athletic scholarship, offer or roster spot. 

Prospects who have prepared well by getting involved in the recruiting process early, that is as freshmen, sophomores or juniors, will have the advantage over those who sat back and waited for coaches to find them.  For the early-ins, late summer and early fall will bring about opportunities to tour facilities, meet coaches and their teams, and to initiate the process of determining if schools are good fits for their futures.  An arduous task in any circumstance, already having been evaluated and establishing relationships with coaching staffs will offer options which otherwise would not have been available to them.

For the 2012 seniors lagging back in the pack, their goals will be harder to come by because they will start at the back of the line.  Most are still not even known by college coaches whose white boards are being finalized for the most part.  They will soon discover that pushing other, already known prospects aside because of a good ranking or stats will be an uphill battle.  Coaches have spent hundreds of hours fine tuning their priority lists of viable prospects and to entertain bringing in a new contender will take a monumental shift in their deliberations.  They’ve spent recruiting dollars on the road confirming the talents of their top recruits.  The mere idea of replanting any of their premier prospects with newcomers is not something which appeals to them.

That said, seniors that have not been noticed should not panic, but instead should take a direct and aggressive path.  Pouting over having failed thus far is a waste of precious time. 

Our best advice?  Explore your options with NSR.  There you will find an alternative with proven results in similar situations.  With an immediate and aggressive promotional effort, along with our 31-year reputation of providing only top-quality prospects for college coaches, NSR will put you in front of every college coach in your area, region and around the U.S.  Your time is now and it will not come around again.  Contact your nearest NSR on-the-ground scout to find out how you can take full advantage of our extraordinarily successful promotional program.  Don’t let your dream of participating in college athletics pass you by.  You’ve worked too hard to watch it disappear.  Now’s the time to let us take the ball and run with it.  Call NSR today at (800) 354-0072.


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