There’s Nothing More Appealing to Coaches Than a Hard-working, Humble Athlete

Look at recruiting as the chance of a lifetime few others get to experience.

Think of it this way:  You are a college coach facing a crucial decision — who do I want to spend nearly every day with for 10 months a year over the next four years?  Do you choose the over confident, ego-driven prospect with obnoxious parents, or do you make an offer to the kid who goes about their business in a confident, but humble way and whose parents are supportive and cooperative?  Here’s a clue — it’s not a tough choice.  Yet, college coaches everywhere are today contemplating that very question.   They must decide if the overly confident kid will mature and if that prospect’s parents will be worth the trouble they will inevitably cause.   

In nearly all such scenarios, the humble, hard-working prospect wins out.  It’s a lesson parents of prospects as well as prospects themselves should consider.  Attitude is huge with coaches and many prospects win or lose scholarships based on that very issue.  And, we have in fact seen prospects taken off coaches’ white boards because of the bad behavior of their parents.  No coach wants to be saddled and ridden hard by parents whose main objective in life is to prop up their child for others to admire while saying to hell with everything else, including coaches and teammates. 

Getting the opportunity to be recruited to participate in college athletics is an enormous honor and something which very few high school kids will ever experience.  Appreciate the opportunity by enjoying it with the proper perspective.  Soak in the moments because they are fleeting.  Enjoy the privilege of going through the process with college coaches who are spending their valuable time with you and literally putting their careers on the line if they choose to make you an offer.  It is a big deal with far reaching consequences.  Understand this and treat it with the respect it deserves.  In doing so, you will discover a reciprocal appreciation from coaches and perhaps even more offers.


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