Courage Comes from that Unique Place Others Don’t Know Exists

Courage is in you, but sometimes you have to go inside and dig it out.

Time’s running down and out. Your team’s struggling to stay ahead, or to keep up.  Your job?  To lead.  As a college prospect, it’s on you to pull the team through the tough times in a contest.  It’s expected of you.  But, where will you find the energy, the strength, the guts to make it happen?

True college prospects have the ability to reach somewhere inside to pull out that added, magic motivation. Look around you at practice at the ones who go down the tubes first?  They haven’t a clue and will never have a clue.  It’s not in them to lead or to want to lead. 

You, though?  You have it and you know it.  But still, getting hold of it and summoning it when the time is right is what will separate you from the other prospects who wish they had what we call intestinal fortitude, or internal courage.

The first time you call on it to surface, your brain my not respond.  It’s tired, too.  You’re fighting fatigue and it’s winning.  That’s when your heart kicks in, refusing to give in, to let your team, your coach, your fans and yourself down.  When you feel it starting to rise, it’s as if it was never there in the first place, but you know that it was there, dragging you down step-by-painful-step.  Now, though, your legs are responsive.  The newly found energy is making you fly.  You are now in control and no one else has the will or the ability, certainly not the heart, to stop the force which you have suddenly become.

You will look back on this moment as a defining one for you.  This is when you became the athlete you always knew that you could be and desperately wanted to realize in an actual competitive moment when it meant winning or losing – when it all rested on your shoulders.  You remember it because you know, too, that another time will come when you will have to beckon that same spirit from within once again. You will understand the signs of fatigue and the hard choice you will have to make to resist its temptation.  And you know this because you will want it more than the others.  So you will step up and grind it out of you like before. You are a competitor and nobody and nothing, especially not fatigue, can stop you from being the very best at that moment in time.

And when that happens, you know that you are real college prospect.


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