Freshman Golfer Ranked #3 in the Country

Georgiana Salant

Former NSR golf prospect, and current Williams College freshman, Georgiana Salant, from LaCosta High in Encinitas, Calif, helped the Ephs to an eighth place finish in the NCAA DIII National Championships held in Howie-in-the-Hills, FL.  The Ephs were ranked as high as third in DIII polls during the regular season.

Georgiana compiled a most impressive first year on the links for the Ephs. Her average score per round is 80.1, third best in the nation in NCAA Division III, trailing only two seniors. She is a serious contender for national Freshman of the Year honors.

“Yes, Georgi is a great golfer, but while getting to know her through the recruiting process I knew she was someone we needed at Williams more because of the person she is,” notes Eph head coach Erika DeSanty. “She is supportive, caring, trustworthy, and kind. In one year she has added so much to our team. We are so lucky to have her here.”

“Georgi continues to be passionate about giving back to the community,” noted Eph head women’s golf coach Erika DeSanty. “When we held Jeopardy Night at the United Cerebral Palsy center during Winter Study, Georgi often said how much she looked forward to and enjoyed this activity. She can’t wait to do it again next year.”

“We split up into teams and we have a blast with our friendly competition,” commented Salant. “They are always so excited when we come back to hang out. I have wanted to branch out and look at what other community service Williams has to offer. My first year has been pretty busy and overwhelming but I look forward to expanding my options next year.”

Before she started making a name for herself on the Williams College campus as one of the Ephs top female golfers, first year Georgiana was named the winner of the 2010 Leo of the Year award for the State of California. The Leo of the Year award is presented by the charitable organization Lions Club International.

Georgiana was president of the Carlsbad [CA] Leos Club for the last three years she was a student at La Costa Canyon HS.  The Leos Club’s volunteers assist various organizations in their communities.  She helped organize The Blind Surf Event that is annually hosted by the Encinitas Lions Club and the San Diego Surf Academy, teaching blind and sight-impaired youths how to surf. “Two to three blind and sight-impaired centers traveled to our local beach to learn how to surf and be able to have some fun in the ocean,” noted Georgiana.  “We had a barbeque and provided an awesome day of surfing.”

Salant is planning on majoring in biology or chemistry. “I seem to want to become more involved in research rather than specifically being a doctor,” she says. “I have an internship this summer at a pharmaceutical company so we’ll see how much I like lab work.”

Georgiana’s NSR scout was Matt Rand, San Diego Area Director

Editor’s note:  This edited article was primarily taken from the Williams College Web site.


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