In Your World, Being Top Banana Means You Have a Scholarship Chance, or Does It?

Your dream of being a college athlete can come true with NSR's help.

Face it, there are more than one fish in the sea.  And in recruiting, college coaches are having the fishing expedition of a lifetime.  Granted, they have to go through the ordeal of finding the fish they want, but the fish are out there. 

The question is, then, are you available to coaches?  If your name is in the local newspaper, that’s great, but coaches aren’t reading your newspaper.  If you make All-Conference, coaches aren’t out searching for All-Conference lists.  If you play travel or club sports, think of all the other athletes which are vying to be noticed just like you.  So, how do you stand out?  How do you become available to coaches so that they find you, evaluate you and recruit you? 

The theory that coaches will find you is outdated thinking.  Recruiting doesn’t work that way.  Your coach only knows a handful of college coaches, if that.  So, they are of little help.  Moreover, they are not experienced in promoting you to colleges.  It’s a complex process which requires expert knowledge and a proven way of getting you in front of coaches so that they will stop, look and pay attention. 

Who will you depend on to do this for you?  Filling out a few online questionnaires is a shot in the dark.  Submitting your resume to a free online Web site is a waste of time because coaches simply don’t have the time to go through all the profiles one at a time. 

Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime chance pass you by.

You need something which gives you a really good chance of being recognized by college coaches.  All the methods we mentioned above are ineffective.  What you want is something which has been proven, time after time, year after year, to get results for athletes like you. 

That’s where National Scouting Report comes in.  We are experts at helping high school athletes get recognized, evaluated and recruited by college coaches.  Over 90 percent of all NSR athletes land college athletic offers.  If you are not being actively recruited, you can change that with one phone call.  Contact NSR today and we will provide you with a free evaluation interview.  Free.  What do you have to lose…except a scholarship and a 90 percent chance of realizing your dream of participating in college athletics?  Fill out and submit the Do You Have What It Takes? form and see your goals come true.


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