The NCAA Has Specific Signing Periods for All Sports

Most athletes will sign NLI's after the Early Signing Period.

The NCAA permits some sports, but not all, in Division I and Division II to sign high school senior student-athletes early in the school year.   The 2010-2011 Early Signing Period has just passed with approximately 30 percent of all NCAA athletic scholarships having been signed during this one-week time frame.  Except for junior college football transfers who may sign in December, all other NCAA sports will hold their signing periods after the first of the year.  These are called Regular Signing Periods (RSP) and they will begin in earnest when DI and DII football, field hockey, soccer and water polo teams may sign their commitments in February.  The remaining sports follow suit in April. 

We thought, because there always seem to be some confusion about these dates, that it would be helpful to borrow a page, literally, from the National Letter of Intent Web site to describe the RSP dates for you.  We have inserted exact dates for further clarification.  If you have additional questions, please contact the NSR College Coach Liaison office at (800) 354-0072. 

Below are the remaining 2010-2011 NCAA signing dates: 

  • FOOTBALL:  MID-YEAR JUNIOR COLLEGE transfer signing period begins on December 15th and concludes on January 15th.
  • FOOTBALL RSP begins on February 2nd and concludes on April 1.
  • BASKETBALL RSP begins on April 13th and concludes on May 18th.
  • FIELD HOCKEY, SOCCER & MEN’S WATER POLO Regular Signing Period (RSP – these sports do not have an ESP) begins February 2nd and concludes on August 1st.
  • ALL OTHER SPORTS RSP begins April 13th and concludes on August 1st.

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