NSR’s 31-year History Has Seen No NCAA Intervention or Controversy

National Scouting Report started the high school scouting industry in 1980.  In 31 years, we have never had any issues with the NCAA regarding how we have operated our scouting organization. 

Unlike Rivals.com and other like-recruiting services which require a paid subscription by college coaches to access prospects’ information, NSR is compensated by parents to promote their athlete children to college coaches in their sport.  This practice is allowable by the NCAA because ours is a free site (www.nsr-inc.com) for college coaches and to the public.  We promote our high school clients to college coaches in various ways, including email, direct mail and through our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter (NSRnow). 

We see it as our role and obligation, to continually advise and educate our clients about NCAA recruiting rules and we accomplish this by communicating through our on-the-ground scouts, monthly newsletter and blog.  We feel that much of the media is lumping legal scouting services like ours with Rivals.com and others which follow their pay-to-see model.  

For more information or questions, please contact Alan Parham, Social Media Manager, National Scouting Report at newsandevent@nsr-inc.com or (800) 354-0072.


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