High school athletes all over the country and even world, dream of playing their sport in College.  Sadly, many of these athletes will NEVER get recognized by colleges to begin their recruiting process.  This lack of recognition does not necessarily reflect negatively on the individual athlete’s abilities but rather on the limitations of the colleges. Colleges and Universities, Division 1 to JuCo (Junior College), have limitations they have to work within.  For the minor sports and smaller schools, these limitations are often based upon recruiting budgets.  For the major sports (men’s and women’s basketball and football) and larger schools, more often the limitation is based on NCAA guidelines.  These colleges face very small windows of opportunities and limited days to find athletes they want to recruit.  Whether a particular sport or college is limited by recruiting budgets or NCAA time constraints or both, the result is the same. Many athletes, that should have been recognized as potential collegiate athletes, simply are NOT recognized.  Whether a student athlete is not recognized because they are at a small high school that has not produced collegiate athletes in the past, or because their city is not convenient for coaches to get to – to watch the athletes, or because they are not as showy as other athletes on their team – this lack of recognition is the problem.  How can a student athlete overcome the dilemma of not being on the colleges’ radar?
If you are a great athlete with a great work ethic, good grades, good test scores and a great attitude you may have what it takes to play in college.  National Scouting Report is here to evaluate you!  Upon our personal evaluation, not a phone call off of a roster, we can give you an unbiased opinion.  With 34 years of success behind us, we have the tools to get you past your lack of recognition problem.  Our Scouting Organization is equipped all over the country and world, for that matter, to get you recognized and evaluated by colleges.  Our Scouts are previous college coaches, college athletes, and professional athletes that are trained and experienced in getting you in front of the coaches where you can play.  Do NOT let your lack of recognition problem keep you from realizing your dreams!  Get Evaluated!

At National Scouting Report we make it our goal to help our athletes play at the
next level. With about a 96% success rate, our athletes have the opportunity
to play their sport in college.  The dreams that many of these young athletes
have come to fruition while we promote them and their abilities to colleges all over the country in all of the NCAA sanctioned sports.  But, what does it mean to my future to play my sport in college?  What are the advantages to me after my four or five years of collegiate play?  The opportunities afforded to collegiate athletes after they put in the blood, sweat and tears at their chosen university can be immeasurable.  Outside of the obvious that many students end up with college
degrees due to their ability to play in college and the scholarships afforded them, there are many advantages for the future, as well.  For student athletes that want to get advanced degrees and need to get accepted into such programs, collegiate athletics can be a major advantage.  The majority of undergraduate students applying for graduate programs have good to excellent grades and very good entrance test scores.  What sets a student apart from the crowd in this selection process?  Extracurricular activities!  Collegiate athletics is a tremendous extracurricular activity.  It is an activity that takes a great amount of devoted time and dedicated practice.  Both of which are great indicators for success obtaining advanced degrees.

In addition to applying for graduate programs, being a collegiate athlete helps tremendously in the competitive job market.  As an employer, your being a successful collegiate athlete tells me more than you might think about your character and work ethic. Future employers are looking for individuals that can work well with others, can take direction and correction, will work harder when things get tough, love a challenge, know how to set goals and work towards those goals, and can fail and still pick themselves back up. The above description exactly describes a collegiate athlete.  Collegiate athletics also helps athletes develop a mental strength that few other disciplines develop.  So, when you are working hard for your high school team or club team with the ultimate goal of playing in college, realize that the traits you are developing can go way past athletics.  These traits can help you for the rest of your life.  National Scouting Report looks forward to evaluating your abilities and helping you fulfill your athletic dreams and future goals.  For your FREE evaluation -  NSR can assist you in realizing your dreams and your future potential.  Do NOT leave your recruiting to chance!

Leanna Bachman

National Scouting Report loves to scout volleyball athletes. We DIG It!
One thing is always true about a competitive volleyball player, they understand REAL teamwork with selfless play.  Competitive volleyball requires team chemistry and great communication, among every position. Watching a great volleyball team is truly like watching a “well oiled machine”.  On the other hand, a struggling volleyball team will almost always have had a breakdown in communication. For 34 years, National Scouting Report, like competitive volleyball players, understands the key to recruiting success is that same communication.  NSR has made communicating with College Coaches one of our top priorities throughout the years.  And of course, communicating with our athletes is paramount as well.  With NSR being recognized by college volleyball coaches as being the most credible source of scouting and recruiting information, our goal is to begin and facilitate the communication between athletes and college coaches.  NSR believes in Volleyball and Communication!

Over the summer and now moving into fall, NSR Scouts have seen and will see some great volleyball.  But what makes a great volleyball athlete?  Based on position, there is obviously some height requirements, some vertical jump requirements and some ball speed advantages.  But, outside of these tangibles, what in addition are coaches looking for?  College coaches are looking for team players.  They need that athlete that can be added to their team without adding drama.  They need someone who can add positive communication to their existing team.  Must the athlete be able to jump and have great court awareness and a great swing – yes, but she must have the intangibles as well, a great attitude with a team spirit.  The best volleyball athlete with the worst attitude has the ability to
tear up a team.

NSR is currently working with some great volleyball athletes.  We, like the college coaches, are looking for great athletes with great attitudes.  At great events like the Festival, AAU Nationals, Big South and the host of other national and regional club tournaments and even some high school teams, NSR Scouts are finding great athletes with very bright futures.  If you have the tangibles, but just as important the intangibles of attitude and effort, we are looking for you.  We have college coaches across the country that tell us exactly what they need in the tangibles and then we tell them about the intangibles.  Let us help you begin your conversations with the college coaches you want to play for!  Look for NSR at a tournament near you!  Or fill out an  athlete evaluation form and we will make a point to come evaluate you.  Keep working on your tangibles and definitely keep working on your intangibles.


Dave Johnson, NSR scout in North Central Florida is back at it again. In 2005, after a National Scouting Report National Meeting, Dave Johnson decided to go back to his territory and begin a showcase. Dave went to talk with Chuck Baylor at Daytona State College. Chuck was the softball coach at the time, he retired later that year. He received permission to use the Daytona State facilities for the showcase. The then new softball coach, Sabrina Manhart, jumped on board. She and her team work the on field part of the showcase. She and Dave “Work like clockwork after all these years.”
Dave Johnson holds this tournament each year, the Sunday after Labor Day to avoid the holiday. This timing also works as it does not effect SATs or ACTs that are held on Saturdays around this time. In addition, this timing avoids Junior College (Juco) scrimmages and the start of fall travel teams, that usually begin on Saturdays. As with most things in life, timing is EVERYTHING.
Softball College Coaches from the region come in to evaluate the girls.  The athletes will be graded on skills by position.  These athletes get a great evaluation. To insure a thorough evaluation, Dave limits the showcase to about 70 girls. Dave is not willing to sacrifice the quality of the showcase for numbers. Because of this fact, there is usually a waiting list of girls trying to get in this showcase.
At the conclusion of the showcase, Dave collects all the evaluation or grade books and collates the scores on these athletes. He gets ALL of this valuable information back to the athlete. He then has National Scouting Report post these results on their website and then sends the results to Florida colleges. Dave Johnson puts a great deal of work into this first class showcase. All in attendance enjoy the benefits of his labor. Way to run a great showcase Dave.
Why does Dave Johnson go this extra mile to run this showcase? Because Dave Johnson loves “Changing Kid’s Lives!” If you would like to attend the National Scouting Report @ Daytona State College Individual Softball Showcase, sign up now.  This event will be Sunday, September 7, 2014 from 9 AM TO 1 PM at the DSC Softball Field.  We know there will be a waiting list as usual, so sign up quickly.


The 2013 National Scouting Report National Meeting finally arrived last week in Panama City Beach, Florida. NSR scouts from all over the United States and Puerto Rico gathered at the Bay Pointe Resort for this much anticipated event. Every year this National Scouting Report event draws NSR college athletic scouts from all around the country to discuss NCAA recruiting and how to get college athletic scholarships for young high school athletes. The purpose of this amazing gathering of NSR scouts each year is to help further educate them about NCAA and NAIA recruiting guidelines, provide them with more up to date methods of how to help athletes get athletic scholarships and simply get their batteries recharged for the next year!
This year NSR President, Rusty Rigney, started off the meeting with encouraging words. He shared how that NSR is “Changing Kid’s Lives” each day by getting them scholarship offers. He went on to share with the NSR scouts how that NSR is experiencing tremendous growth and shared with each person how that NSR is further expanding on foreign soil in Dubai and in the US territory of Puerto Rico. He shared with the group how that the NSR presence was having a huge impact on young people’s lives all around the world. Rusty went on to talk about the huge amount of “credibility” NSR scouts have in the field and how proud he was to be a part of the “World’s oldest, largest, and most respected scouting organization.”
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram were all major hot topics during the 3 day meeting. I was tasked with helping each one of our NSR scouts better learn the importance and the proper usage of these very powerful social media outlets. These areas have proven to be great for several different reasons. These outlets allow NSR to share with the world ALL of the athletes signings, successes in high school and their progress in college and beyond. These media outlets allow the kids and the parents the opportunity to realize that NSR is a worldwide scouting organization that only works with qualified student athletes. These outlets give NSR the ability to allow the world to see that NSR is the One and ONLY true scouting and recruiting organization that college coaches depend on and have depended on for over 34 years! NSR is recognized by coaches as the CREDIBLE source for accurate information. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to further promote our athletes and their successes.
Coach Robert Cagle shared with the group that NSR has experienced record growth. He delivered story, after story, all driving home the idea of the credibility NSR has in the field with our scouts and licensees. He went on to challenge each person to “Get on the Train” because the NSR “Train” was already building up steam and growing faster than ever. He asked each person present, “Are you on the train? If not, it is time to get on or get left behind!” Coach Cagle discussed the true quality of the people NSR had in the field. He mentioned the names of D1 head coaches and D2 coaches that had retired and are now NSR scouts. He talked about retired NFL players and MLB players who are now scouting for NSR and making a difference in the field. The message was strong and powerful concerning how that “NSR scouts literally change the lives of the kids we work with! NSR is the solution.”
The meeting continued on Friday with a powerful message from Coach Melanie Davis. Coach Davis is the retired, 31 year coaching veteran who recently stepped away from D1 Troy University. Coach Davis literally put Troy on the map in softball. This awesome public speaker talked to the NSR scouting staff about a lot of things that she LOVES about NSR! She looks at NSR as “An extra set of eyes and ears in the field.” Coach Davis said that she knows that NSR is the REAL DEAL scouting organization because we actually scout players and evaluate them before we will enroll them. Coach Davis made the most powerful statement when she said, “NSR is CREDIBLE and she always appreciated our help.” Coach Davis went on to give an example of how misdirected parents and athletes are in the recruiting process. She said, “I would receive 300 -500 emails per day from athletes, parents and coaches. These folks don’t understand that a college coach really only has time to look at the emails they know come from a CREDIBLE source.” NSR is recognized as that CREDIBLE source and she acknowledged this with the NSR team. Coach Davis also went on to talk about some of the many myths that parents, high school coaches and travel ball coaches use and believe. She concluded by encouraging our NSR scouts to get out there and show people the TRUTH about recruiting and continue to help young athletes reach their dreams of playing in college on scholarship. Thank you Coach Melanie Davis for taking your time to be a motivating speaker to our group.
In addition to these speakers, the group was inspired by J Brian Bergeron. J Brian shared personal stories of what NSR has done for his family. Both his daughter and nephew are playing in college because of NSR. He had numerous other stories of how he and NSR had “Changed Kid’s Lives”. J Brian explained how rewarding it is to help athletes live out their dreams. He encouraged all the scouts to continue working hard in the field, finding those athletes that have the desire and ability to play at the next level.
The NSR National Meeting was rounded out by Bryan Black and Phillip Sanford speaking about technological updates and enhancements; Alan Parham discussing NCAA changes and compliance guidelines; Mike Ewing explaining improvement in the field; and Cary Nadel, Steve Swain, Dave Johnson, Robby Wilson, Tanya Olson, Brendan Kennedy and Andrew Novelli all assisting in helping scouts with becoming more prepared to help kids with the recruiting process. All in all, the National Meeting was a huge success! Great information was shared while scouts from all over the country bonded and networked to maximize their impact for “Changing Kid’s Lives!”

National Scouting Report is on the ground scouting! The Gulf Coast Exposure Camp in Gulfport, Mississippi is scheduled for August 16-17, 2014.  This is the third year for this GREAT individual skills showcase and live game situation camp.   On Saturday the ladies will participate in the individual skills portion and then on Sunday, the coaches split up the girls into teams and they play live game situations.  NSR has been involved with the Gulf Coast Exposure Camp since its inception!  Thanks to Rocky Brewer, Brian Callaway and David Lastrapes,  NSR has always had the opportunity to supply the hospitality room for this event.  

Robby Wilson, NSR of Arkansas will be directing NSR's part in the Gulf Coast Exposure Camp.

Robby Wilson, NSR of Arkansas will be directing NSR’s part in the Gulf Coast Exposure Camp.

In previous years, Robert and Susan Cagle have worked this event. This year, the torch has been passed.  Robby Wilson (Arkansas & softball vertical), Lee Crane (Alabama), Larry Stone (Mississippi) and Cheri Naudin (Northeast Texas) will be scouting this event. They will work alongside the college coaches to evaluate all the athletes at the showcase. This is a great event of which NSR enjoys being a part.  We look forward to seeing the following coaches and the additional college coaches that make it to the Gulf Coast Exposure Camp 2014!

Dominque Lastrapes – Camp Director – University of Washington ’07
Chelsea Cantillo – Assistant Coach, West Point
Tom Gray – Head Coach, Southern Utah
Wendy Hogue – Head Coach, William Carey
T. J. Hubbard – Associate Head Coach, Louisiana Lafayette
Brittany Lastrapes – Assistant Coach, Miami of Ohio
Andy Lee – Head Coach, LSU Eunice Community College
Lindsay Leftwich – Assistant Coach, LSU
Michael Lotief – Head Coach, Louisiana Lafayette
Dave Martinez – Assistant Coach, Delta State
Kristina McCain – Assistant Coach, South Alabama
Glenn Moore – Head Coach, Baylor
Shanika Randle – Assistant Coach, Mississippi Valley State
Larry Ray – Previous Assistant Coach, Arizona, Florida, & Nicholls State
Angel Santiago – Head Coach, Nicholls State
Jessica Seamon – Assistant Coach, Nicholls State
Rory Shortell – Former Pro Baseball Player
Mike Smith – Head Coach, Ole Miss
Craig Snider – Assistant Coach, Flordia State
Vann Stuedeman – Head Coach, Mississippi State
Scott Woodard – Assistant Coach, Auburn


We can not wait to evaluate the GREAT softball athletes that will be at this camp.  Go get’em girls!



National Scouting Report is “On the Ground Scouting”!  Cary Nadel, NSR Northeast, is having a GREAT week.  National Scouting Report Northeast is partnering with the Rhode Island Thunder this week at New England’s Finest Showcase in Plainville, Massachusetts!  Cary will be hosting NCAA / NAIA Recruiting Seminars throughout the event.  The scouts at the New England’s Finest Showcase are seeing and assessing some great athletes.  In addition to Cary – Jesse Rubio (Massachusetts), Brendan Kennedy (Massachusetts & Maine), John Hissick (Connecticut), Andrea Hayes (New England) and Michael Bangel (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) are all scouting this event.  What a great way to end July and begin August, scouting these great softball athletes.

Melanie Rennie NSR Prospect 2015 is in right field.  She caught the first five  innings and hit a line drive up the middle.

Melanie Rennie NSR Prospect 2015 is in right field at The New England’s Finest Showcase. She caught the first five innings and hit a line drive up the middle.

NSR Northeast has also partnered with The Ruden Report.  The Ruden Report is a web site that solely reports on Connecticut high school athletics, across all sports.  Each week ,The Ruden Report honors a male and female player of the week and a team of the week.  Ruden also provides pre-season assessments of the top teams in the state, by conference.

The Ruden Report sponsors  and runs pre-season football media days.  This year, working with NSR, The Ruden Report will host recruiting seminars for some of the top student-athletes in Connecticut.  NSR looks forward to meeting these great athletes.

Dave Ruden of The Ruden Report, has covered high school, college and professional sports for 30 years.  Most recently, Dave was with The Stamford Advocate.  Dave previously worked at CBS Sports, ESPN and The New York Times.  NSR wishes Dave Ruden and Cary Nadel a successful year helping athletes in Connecticut!


Mary Louise Hunt is enjoying her "Full Circle Moment" while scouting some great volleyball athletes.

Mary Louise Hunt is enjoying her “Full Circle Moment” while scouting some great volleyball athletes.

National Scouting Report is on the ground scouting!  June 25th through the 29th was an exciting few days. The 30th Annual Volleyball Festival was held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. The four story venue was spectacular and perfect for such an awesome event. The Festival boasts a rich history of amazing volleyball. Approximately 450 club teams were represented and played a couple of days of pool play followed by a couple of days of tournament play. For the third year in a row, National Scouting Report proudly served as the recruiting arm for The Volleyball Festival. Before The Festival began, National Scouting Report assisted in a showcase for college-bound athletes. During the tournament, NSR hosted ten NCAA / NAIA Recruiting Seminars that were very well attended by parents and athletes alike. Attendees were informed about the “Myths of Recruiting” and NCAA/NAIA rules. At the conclusion of each seminar, there was a question and answer session. All in attendance, left with a great deal of knowledge and information to help their athlete with recruiting decisions.

National Scouting Report was very well represented. Cliff Weeks of Southern California was once again at The Volleyball Festival – Cliff was the original NSR link to The Festival and has done an amazing job cultivating that relationship. Also scouting at The Festival was Stacey Harris (San Francisco, California), Bryant Edleson (San Diego, California), Carissa Kalaba (San Diego, California), Gil Barkey (Denver, Colorado), Ryan Johnston (Phoenix, Arizona), Syndric Steptoe (Tucson, Arizona), Josh and CeCe Kroeger (Birmingham, Alabama), Mary Louise Hunt (Atlanta, Georgia) and Robert and Susan Cagle (Mobile, Alabama).

NSR’s Mary Louise Hunt of Atlanta, Georgia especially enjoyed scouting The Festival as Mary Louise participated as an athlete in the very first Festival event in 1984. Mary Louise recognized and re-acquainted herself with several of The Festival staff. Mary Louise described the event as, “A full circle moment”. Mary Louise and the other scouts saw some tremendous athletes. Athletes from Arizona, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and Washington to name a few had a great time at The Festival. Bryan Kelley, director of The Festival was hospitable as usual. The meals provided for NSR scouts and college coaches were tremendous. The Volleyball Festival is definitely a first class event. Bryan also directs a sister tournament in Glendale, Arizona in February. The February event is called The Festival Fiesta Classic and is held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. NSR looks forwarding to seeing more great volleyball talent at The Festival Fiesta Classic on January 17-19, 2015.


Laurel Ivory

Laurel Ivory

Laurel Ivory, a 2018 NSR soccer goalkeeper prospect, has been named to the Florida State ODP team as the A-team goalie, for the third year in a row. This week Laurel, a rising freshman at Miami Country Day School, is also participating in her third Region 3 ODP camp in Montevallo, Ala.  And , this week Laurel was invited to the 2014 Nike National Training Camp powered by ID2 and ECNL on July 31 through Aug 4 in Beaverton, Ore.  The National Training Camp is a joint program between the ECNL, Nike, and US Club Soccer. The camp is part of the id2 National Certification and Development Program.  It provides an opportunity for the country’s top female players from throughout the country to be identified and developed in an elite training environment, while also being scouted for possible inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs.  Laurel is 5’8″ from Sunrise, Fla., carries an impressive 4.1 GPA and plays for the nationally ranked Sunrise Sting U16 team, one of the premier clubs nationally.   The organization works with National Scouting Report and South Florida NSR soccer scout, Daniel Gurtov, to help their prospects in the recruiting process.

Named NY's Gatorade Player of the Year, Julia DiMartino is a two-time All-State performer as a pitcher and fielder.

Named NY’s Gatorade Player of the Year, junior Julia DiMartino is a two-time All-State performer as a pitcher and hitter.

The Gatorade Company, in collaboration with USA TODAY High School Sports, has named NSR junior softball prospect, Julia DiMartino of Brockport High School, as its 2013-14 Gatorade New York Softball Player of the Year which distinguishes her as New York’s best high school softball player. The 5-foot-6 junior right-handed pitcher led her Blue Devils team to a 21-1 record and a berth in the Class AA state quarterfinals.  Julia posted a 17-1 record and a 0.06 ERA entering the state tournament, striking out 271 batters while scattering 23 hits and 16 walks. She also hit .351 through 22 games with 23 RBI. She is a two-time First Team All-State selection and was the Greater Rochester Co-Player of the Year as a sophomore.  Julia has maintained a B average in the classroom. A devoted member of her church community, she has volunteered locally on behalf of the Special Olympics and has fundraised to benefit breast cancer awareness.  The award recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence but also high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the field, distinguishes Julia as New York’s best high school softball player. She is now a finalist for the prestigious Gatorade National Softball Player of the Year award to be announced in this month.  Already committed to Division I Liberty University in Virginia, her NSR scout is Tom Sydeski, also helped Julia’s sister Alyssa to attend Liberty where she graduated in May as a senior pitcher.