Good Grades Lead to More Looks

Morgan Bowles' 3.4 GPA will get her plenty of attention from college coaches.

Think good grades aren’t a big deal?  Think again.  College coaches can admire your athletic abilities from afar, but if you don’t have the necessary grades to be admitted to their schools, far away is as close as you will come to getting a scholarship offer. 

Coaches are tuned into good grades for other reasons, too.  With a history of good academic marks, a coach can project the kind of college student-athlete you will become.  They can see you as someone that will not require persistent cajoling to attend class and bring in a solid GPA.  They can predict that you will have the intelligence to pick up advanced stratgies and techniques.  They can expect that your pride in academic performance will keep you well ahead of the minimum eligibility requirements. 

All these are extremely important to a college coach.  Their livelihood depends upon athletes whose academic diligence will help them avoid time consuming counseling sessions, early morning wake-up calls, and late night bed checks.  By offering outstanding grades to a coach, you are in essence telling that coach that he or she can trust you to take care of an essential area of responsibility.  And, with that assurance, calculated by a high school career of academic consistency, you will discover that more offers will land at your door than will be presented to prospects whose attention to their grades has been an ongoing rocky road.


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