High school sports and high school recruiting have taken a turn toward technology which is allowing college coaches to identify more prospects than ever before.  However, prospects and parents should beware of the hi-tech method they select. 

                Online services which do nothing more than post a prospect’s profile are, in short, bogus.  College coaches do not peruse these sites.  They are a waste of time and it only takes one visit to convince a coach that the data they read is not worth the time they spend trying to make an initial evaluation.  These sites are the cheapest way to go for kids and parents, but they seldom, if ever, help a prospect get noticed, evaluated and recruited to play college sports.     

                Parents and prospects are far better served by carefully researching recruiting services which offer a wide range of services and benefits and that have a history of proven success in working with college coaches and placing clients such as National Scouting Report.  In truth, only a few services meet these essential criteria. 

Many so-called scouting services quickly emerge on the Internet scene, but without a regional and national, if not international, presence and reputation, it is nearly impossible for them to establish in-roads with college coaches.  Coaches have seen hundreds of fly-by-night scouting organizations over the past 30 years. 

NSR and a very few others have the credibility coaches require.  Even some that have been in the business for a number of years have recently failed to create significant activity and results for their signees because their marketing methods are outdated and ineffective in today’s hi-tech world.   

NSR is different.  We have developed practically every marketing and promotional tool used by scouting and recruiting services today, and our newly-launced Web site sets the bar higher than ever with the innovative Recruiting Organizer for our prospects and the expanded search options for c college coaches. 
            Our reputation stands alone as the very best scouting service for prospects and recruiting service for college coaches.  Thirty years of promoting high school student-athletes and working closely with college coaches has earned us the top position. 

As you consider which path is best for you, it is crucial to understand that being recruited to play college sports only happens once in a lifetime.  It will not come by again.  A misstep here and now can mean sitting on the sidelines for four years when a dream-come-true could have been possible. 

Call your area NSR scout today.  Find out more about how our proven history of service can turn your child’s dream into reality, just like we have been doing for high school kids for the last 30 years.  Go to www.nsr-inc.com and click on Locations for the NSR scout nearest you.


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