5. Communicate Clearly: Stay away from Internet jargon…write emails, notes and letters in complete sentences using proper English, capitalization and punctuation.

4. Play Club or Travel: College coaches simply don’t scout high school events the way they did in the past. Want to be seen, go where the coaches will be watching. College showcases and exposure tournaments give you the best opportunities to be discovered.

3. Extend Your Reach: Sending out a few resumes and tapes isn’t good enough in today’s recruiting process. Coaches have far too many options to think a limited effort will get results. Instead, enroll with National Scouting Report, a reliable, professional source, which can not only widely distribute your profile and video to coaches, but can also make them accessible 24/7. 

2. Be Fundamentally Sound: Nothing catches a coach’s attention quicker than a prospect whose fundamental skills are flawless. Focus on the basics day after day. Film your practice sessions, review them, make a plan to improve.

1. Get Involved in the Recruiting Process Early: If you are genuinely interested in securing a college athletic scholarship, there is no good reason for waiting to get involved in the recruiting process. Seek the best professional source available to learn how to aggressively put your name into the hands of college coaches as soon as possible.

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