Kirk Herbstreit and his family have had enough of the "relentless" fans in Columbus, Ohio.

Kirk Herbstreit is arguably the nation’s top college football analyst as well as one of the sport’s best color commentators. He’s also an Ohio State alum who has never been bashful about his allegiance to the Buckeyes and the state of Ohio. Having played football and served as the Buckeye’s team captain as a senior in 1992 under head coach John Cooper, few are more faithful to their university than Herbstreit. So, it was shock to learn last week via his newly opened Twitter page that he was leaving his home in Columbus and taking the Herbstreit family not just out of town, but out of state to escape the “vocal minority which make it rough” to live there. He is, sadly, referring to obsessed fans which are continually offended by Herbstreit’s objectivity when analyzing Buckeye players, coaches and game performances. Every sports announcer must deal with his or her share of nutzoid fans, but to run off one of your own, especially when he commands such nations respect and prominence? From a few poisoned oak trees at Auburn to a few poisoned minds in Columbus, fandom has reached a new low and we are all the worse for it. Get a grip, folks. It’s only a game.

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