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Are college coaches finding, evaluating, contacting and recruiting you?

Recruiting starts with recognition.  That is, college coaches must identify you first before they can evaluate you.  Being on a travel or club team is not enough.  Winning your conference title is not enough.  Making the state playoffs?  Nope.  Making All-Conference?  No, again. 

There is a huge amount of competition for college roster spots, so coaches gravitate toward the athletes whose profiles and videos are the most accessible to them.  Is your information and video readily accessible?  Readily accessible means, by the way, that coaches can get to what they need when they need it.  Are you mailing the info to coaches yourself?  If so, what about when these coaches are on the road or at home during the summertime or in the off-season.  Are they lugging your info around with all the other athletes who have chose this outdated way to get coaches’ attention? 

Your data should be in a secure, trusted place where coaches actually go to evaluate prospects.  That is NOT sitting on the floor in the coaches’ offices, nor is it on free recruiting sites.   Coaches have stacks and stacks of info to go through.   Think they see it all?  As for the free sites, they simply do not offer coaches what they need to properly evaluate you.  Not enough info.  Not enough video.  Not enough.

There is a big difference between what these free sites do and what National Scouting Report does.  Need help?  Try calling or emailing these sites.  See what happens.  Want to post new info or video?  Try it.  What you get is what coaches get which is a less-than-adequate response.  No personalize service.  No one on the other end who knows you and is interested in the outcome.  There is no good reason to post your profile and video on these sites.

NSR specializes in promoting you directly to college coaches.  We’ve been doing this for 31 years.  We are very good at it.  And, we get results.


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