Now Is Not Too Soon for Most College Athletic Prospects

NSR softball prospect, Mikaela Aiken, class of 2014.

Competition.  It’s what fuels America.  From businesses of all sizes to the smallest classroom in the smallest of rural towns, competition is an ever present, unavoidable element of our lives in this country.  Our economy is shaped by it.  Our thoughts are influenced by it.  And, our motives are, more often than not, driven by it. 

Attempting to earn a college athletic scholarship is as competitive as any business wrangling on Wall Street.  Thousands upon thousands of young athletes are in a hard core battle for only a few available scholarships.  So, when they make the decision to become college prospects, it’s on and it’s on in a big way.  Any prospect or parent not aware of this can be left standing alone in the end.  Only about one in ten high school prospects move up to the college level.  Landing in that top ten percent requires more than sitting back and waiting, thinking college coaches will come knocking, or believing that merely playing second-season sports will do the trick. 

When do you start, then?  There is really only one good answer to this recurring question.  And, that answer is now

Someone you are competing with for the scholarship you want started working toward it yesterday; another kid the day before that; and another one the day before that.  They are already doing things which give them not just an advantage, but a decided, clear advantage.  They aren’t doing what everyone else is doing, that is, taking the ciruitous path.  They are smarter than that.  Instead, they are taking the most direct route possible to connecting with college coaches.  Their profiles, skill and game videos are getting to coaches quicker than yours.  Their resumes are landing on more college coaches’ desks than yours.  More coaches have these athletes on their “white boards.”  And, finally, more coaches are coming to see them perform in person because of a common sense decision they and their parents elected – they are enrolled with NSR. 

Start today because tomorrow someone else will be committing to getting the attention, and scholarship, you want and deserve.  Start today and you will have a chance to be in the running for scholarship money and a roster spot.  Start today and see your dreams realized. 

Sure, good or great helps, but neither guarantees success.  An athlete can be exceedingly accomplished, but without proper guidance, even the blue chip athletes can fall short of achieving their ultimate dream.  An absence of circumspect and common sense can derail any prospect.  And derailment means falling back and falling back means the loss of opportunities which should have been within reach.


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