Get Modern, or Get Lost

NSR T&F prospect, Lauren Bedrich, is being continuously promoted to every college coach in the nation.

Your future in college athletics depends on you having one — that is, a scout that continuously connects you with college coaches by making your profile info and video available to them 24/7.   But, what if you had a person and an organization getting the word out about you, counseling you, keeping you knowledgeable and sharp?  What if those people knew you personally and had seen firsthand your athletic talent and knew from experience what type of person you were?   

With that kind of support behind you, promoting you, guiding you, your opportunities explode exponentially.  You will see far more options come your way than if you target a few coaches on your own or depend on overworked high school and club coaches to make a few phone calls to a few coaches. 

In the end, what do you want to see happen?  Do you want attention and offers?  Or, do you want to make sure that the feelings of others aren’t hurt because you made the sensible decision to take a more aggressive, comprehensive route toward achieving your dream of participating in college athletics? 

It’s a trite saying by now, but you only get one chance to be recruited.  One.  And, by accepting and going the way that all your other friends have gone, you can be guaranteed that you will land in the same, unseen pile of prospects wishing and hoping for something which will most likely never happen — a scholarship offer. 

You wouldn’t dare use a computer or cell phone built in the 1990′s, would you?  It would be ridiculous to consider.  Modern technology has changed so much in that time, so it would be an absurd notion.  Instead, you’d beg for the best, the computer or cell which would give you the best communication source possible. 

The recruiting process is the very same thing.  Changes in recruiting rules and technology now dictate that you upgrade, too.  Doing what was done ten or fifteen years ago makes no sense in this age and time. 

As a modern high school prospect, recruited is all about the initial stage of the process — being recognized.  Without that key ingredient, you sink to the bottom of the recruiting pool.  To right yourself, to get back to the top where coaches can see you, evaluate you and recruit you, it is imperative that you take the most efficient path to coaches by making your profile and video ever-present for coaches, but they should be in a place where coaches actually go, and that’s not a free-posting site where coaches never go to recruit.

What you need is a combination of 24/7 availability, a continuous promotional effort, and a scout to help you wind your way through the ups and downs, ins and outs of the recruiting process.  What you need is NSR.  Let us be your scout.  Click here to turn the corner and start down the path which will put you in the position to reach your goals.


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