Scholarship Offers Always Start with Recognition

Lot’s of seniors and juniors are looking over their shoulders. They are wondering where all those college coaches are which their parents and coaches told them would be knocking down their doors if they would only do this and that. Desperately wanting to compete at the next level, they’ve done everything their mentors have advised — work hard in practice, stay out of trouble, act respectfully, join a travel team, get good grades. Done, done, done, done and done. But, where are the college coaches? Where’s all the attention, calls, visits and offers?

Shocking as it may be, here’s the reason — college coaches don’t know about you. It really is a that elementary.

All that hard work and toeing the line are exactly the things you needed to do. No doubt. That part of the counseling you received was spot-on. Your parents and coaches were right. Actually, achieving those objectives are what put you in the prime position to receive a scholarship offer. But, here’s what your mentors didn’t know about the recruiting process — it happens in specific stages and recognition is the first and most important stage of recruiting. Nothing else can occur until college coaches learn who you are and what you can potentially bring to their program.

That’s what we do at National Scouting Report. We make certain that you are recognized by college coaches. Our aggressive promotional campaign will put you athletic statistics and records, academic grades and scores, and your individual accomplishments and attributes directly into the hands of coaches. We promote you to coaches in ways that you, your parents and college coaches cannot. And, that will make the all the difference in the world in your chances to be recognized, evaluated and recruited.

This opportunity only happens once in your athletic career.  Don’t waste it.  Explore the incredible doors NSR can open for you today!

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